Senator Hukill: Commercial Lease Sales Tax Bill Passes Community Affairs Committee

Wednesday, March 04, 2015 1:37 PM | Anonymous

TALLAHASSEE – Senator Dorothy L. Hukill’s (R-Port Orange), Senate Bill 140 has passed Community Affairs, its first committee of reference, with unanimous support.

The legislation will reduce the sales tax on commercial leases. Florida currently requires that a 6% sales tax be collected from businesses that lease real property, and is the only state that collects such a tax. Senator Hukill’s legislation would reduce the applicable sales tax by 1%. The reduction would provide much needed financial relief to businesses that are burdened by this tax. It would also decrease the disadvantage businesses are at compared to other states that do not charge this tax.

"The reduction of the sales tax on commercial leases will encourage business growth and expansion in Florida," said Senator Hukill. "Florida businesses are at a disadvantage compared to other states and we need to ensure they can be competitive."

The bill will next be heard in the Finance and Tax committee.

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